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{Icons} :: Jamie Campbell Bower BASES 
01 Jul
I promised I'd make them for a friend, so ta-da! Here they are. Um, this is only what is locatable of any of Jamie's model shoots (if anyone wants to direct me to more photos, I'd love you forEVER), and these include...none of Sweeney Todd. I could end up making those forever, and they'd deserve a separate post.

ANYWAY. Here, have some Jamie, and probably more in the future as I get less lazy. He's a slash-tastic PB, kids, I couldn't help myself.

20 Jamie Campbell Bower icons


→ Comment if you're using, please.
→ Credit either cheapmotelkey or mythologiced.
→ Feel free to edit; just credit the base.
{HP} Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me
01 Jul (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
01 Jul (UTC)
01 Jul (UTC)
10 May (UTC)
OK, I realise I'm really, really behind with this but just came accross it in a google search. Quick (hopefully easy) question, do you still have/know where I can find the base pic for the second icon (him leaning on his hand)? I've never come accross it before.

Also - snagging a few, thankyou very much!
11 May (UTC)
I should. Give me a few to locate it on my other harddrive, and I'll see what I can do. ♥
11 May (UTC)
Aha. Hope this is the one you meant!

11 May (UTC)
YES! That's it, thankyou so much for doing that. (also, ooh sexual tension much?)
12 May (UTC)
You're welcome! ♥
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